4 Joyland’s Rides Adrenaline Junkies Will Love

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4 Joyland’s Rides Adrenaline Junkies Will Love

We get it, spending a whole day skirting through social media profiles is not your idea of fun!

You are more of a jump-out-of-an-airplane person.  You can imagine spending your life passing your weekends away in a motorcycle rally racing the bike you ride to work.   Your social profiles read how much you love roller coasters and the pictures have you surfing or touching the tail of a snow leopard. Okay, perhaps not the second one, but yes; it is all exhilarating in your world.

Science has called you an adrenaline junkie, and we agree because we admire tenacity, courage and zeal for life.

Research shows that risky activities manipulate the inner ear and internal organs messing with the brain chemistry.  People get a high from endorphins they release from the fight-or-flight response. The brain sends chemicals into the bloodstream – oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline -a combination of hormones that give you the high.

Enough about the science though, is there anything for you at Joylands’ carnival equipment hire options?  The short answer is, yes. Here are four rides you would enjoy:

Space Jam

The space jam is like climbing a mountain, except you get to the top within seconds.  You get to be raised over 40 metres into the air to fly as you spin at 12 rotations per minute.  Here, you will not be able to wipe the smile off your face- after you regain balance, that is. Fortunately, the space jam can service your friends and family during the carnival, fetes or other significant events. It can accommodate up to 24 people in one go.


The hurricane makes you feel like you are falling while spinning at more than 14 rotations per minute. The ride features six arms that move up and down, and the trip rotates in a frenzy that will have you singing ‘you hit me like a hurricane’ with a new revelation. After getting to the maximum speed, the ride plummets upwards and downwards making you feel weightless. What is more, you can enjoy the action with anyone you like as long as they are 120cm tall.


If you have been reading through this list of ride equipment for hire with a sneer, then perhaps you met your match with the sizzler!   This ride spins you side to side and round and round until you cave. The excitement and the feeling as though your bowels have feet is sure to elicit a scream from anyone. With a capacity of 36 people, the sizzler will serve your parties well.

Joylands understands your love for life and is dedicated to serving you by having a thrilling collection of carnival equipment hire options to pick from. Transportable via semi-trailers, these rides are made to inject just the right amount of danger to your event. Do you want to learn more about Joylands rides available for hire?  Contact our friendly team today!