Five Reasons Why the Ferris Wheel Continues to be a Favourite

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Five Reasons Why the Ferris Wheel Continues to be a Favourite

They say that hope is a Ferris Wheel in the way that it will take you high and low. At the top, you feel like you can touch the sky and when you are down, you cannot wait to get back on top. There is a reason there are many quotes and wisdom nuggets surrounding the ride. For starters, the first ever such ride was designed by George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. in 1893 for an exposition in Chicago. Since then, the ride has evolved in structure and seeped into different places all over the world.

A Ferris Wheel is an amusement ride with an upright rotating wheel that carries different passengers in cabins, tubs or pods. As the wheel turns, the pods also turn due to gravity. Some designs have the cars mounted outside the rim of the wheel with independent electric motors. There are a number of reasons this ride has continued to gain popularity over time including:

•           The view
Whether it is located in a showground or it was hired for a school event, the height of the Ferris Wheel gives it a unique ability to serve the rider with a view. At the top, you are able to see the whole of your event location and the surroundings. There is nothing as romantic as riding one of these rides with a loved one.

•           It is available for people of all ages
Whether you are 90 or 19, if you can get on the ride, you can ride it. This ride is not like many other rides in that there is no limitation by age or weight. No wonder this ride is the token family ride for any event. A granddad can hide from the world of nagging grandchildren on the ride for a moment of peace. Your kids can also hop on it even if they are too tiny to ride the other carnival rides.

•           It provides an excellent place to repose
Say you have had a long day and you need a rest. Suppose even that you are tired of making small talk in an event. A Ferris Wheel ride is an excellent place to take a breather while at the same time having some fun. By the time you get off the ride, you have managed to recuperate and are ready to get back amongst the crowd and have more fun.

•           You can kill time on the ride
On a day when you are low on activities, you can hop on the ride to kill some time. You can also jump on the ride to rest in between rides. Sometimes it happens that other rides are taken up and you have to wait in line for your turn. What better place is there to wait than in a car enjoying the anticipation and appreciation of a Ferris Wheel at full speed?

•           It can make your date
Knowing the nervousness of a first date, you can learn to feel at ease with each other on a Ferris Wheel. Somehow, romance and fun are compatible with this ride. There, you can break from the excitement of a theme park or fair and have a moment to yourselves.

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