5 Ways to Make Your Event Green

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5 Ways to Make Your Event Green

In a world where climate change and global warming is already onset, it is no wonder that an increasing number of people advocate going green for a better future. A large event, however, can produce large amounts of carbon footprints, adding to the already rampant production made by people’s daily activities.

This is the main reason why event planners choose to “go green” nowadays. Going green is about reducing the exhaustion of the environment by focusing on some sustainability concerns. This includes the mitigation of negative environmental impacts and development of a new green culture of event organisation.

Unfortunately, for some event planners, going green is almost always synonymous to having additional expenses. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. With proper planning and consideration, you can take simple steps with fewer expenses that could be all worth it in the end:

Go Paperless

Save the trees and minimise solid waste generation as you go paperless. One of the biggest offenders in terms of environmental impact is paper hand-outs, invitations, signage, and receipts. You can go digital instead – from softcopies of invites made online to app-based registration. In the modern world, a digital copy of tickets, timetables, maps, and other useful information about the event could save thousands of trees made into paper.

If in case you really need paper, choose the quality of paper with the highest level of reusable content, and avoid ink and other substances that reduce recyclability.

Prioritise Energy, Food, and Water Security


The optimisation of these basic necessities should be one of the top priorities. There should be no leaks on water and energy supply and no redundant wastages. Proper planning of lighting facilities, sound system, and installation of water-efficient taps can mitigate the detrimental effects to the environment.

Deciding on the food to be served is also a concern. The container and utensils for food and drinks should be biodegradable or reusable. Easy to eat items such as snow cones, popcorn and fairy floss use minimal packaging meaning less rubbish overall.

Promote Public Transportation


Burning of fuels contribute to greenhouse gases, so it is only reasonable to promote the use of public transportation instead of private vehicles in a large event. You can also go in partnership with public transport operators that are willing to give discounts to delegates.

To make this extra successful, you can choose a venue for the event that is highly accessible to all delegates, concessionaires, organisers, etc. Considering how they arrive is also a key to ensuring sustainability.

Flush Away Chemical Toilets


If you need outdoor toilet facilities for your event, you might want to take a break from employing chemical toilets and their harsh effects on the environment. Aside from including recycled toilet paper in the equation, you can also use composting loos, which are now highly accessible or easily made. Sawdust helps eliminate the stench, and when the event is over, the waste can be composted and spread on the lands. This can help you cut off on water usage and chemical wastes.

Practice Proper Waste Management


The 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – never get old, and the separation of wastes to designated bins from the very beginning saves a ton of work at the end.

Biodegradables, including food wastes, can be used as compost. Some venues process what’s inside the non-biodegradable and recycling bins, but if no system is available for this, you can organise a separate recycling company to collect the waste after.

How Can Joylands Help?

Be it music festival, community fete, cultural or city festival, Joylands can make you feel the whole carnival experience and bring you amusement rides. Carnival rides will be brought on-site by Joylands meaning no extra machinery is needed during the event. You can also customise your planning with Joylands – from roaming entertainers, food, sideshow games, and stalls to all your event requirements for sustainability.

You can turn your event green without too many worries. Contact the team at Joylands to see how we can help make your next green event a hit!