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Amusement Park and Carnival Rides Hire

Joylands is one of the leading amusements hire services in Sydney, providing you with the best Carnival Rides and Amusements. If your organisation or family is planning a fair, picnic, Christmas party, or any other special event, consider choosing something new, different, and exciting. We offer a full range of amusement services and rides in a professional and safe environment at pocket-friendly prices. You may just need a mini ferris wheel, or it could be an entire Carnival, we will ensure that you have a fun-filled day always to remember.

Hire the Best & Latest Amusement Rides

As one of the best Carnival and amusement ride hire businesses in Sydney, Joylands is set to amuse kids and family that value high quality entertainment. If you are thinking of hiring amusement rides for your events, we have an extensive range of rides and amusements to ensure your event is filled with joy.

Choosing the Right Rides for Your Next event

Many factors are considered in deciding what ride suits your particular circumstance. These include the number of kids or people attending, age range, the kind of event, available space, budgets, and also vehicle access. Don’t forget that your choice of carnival rides and games for your next event must be attractive. Also, it should be a fun-filled environment; otherwise, you may end up having a long queue and difficulty making back the money used for planning the event.

Rides we offer

The variety of rides chosen often determines the level of thrill, excitement, and enjoyment for the event. Here are some rides you can choose.

Children’s Rides

I’m sure you haven’t forgotten the time when the most entertaining attraction of an event is a merry go round – funny how things have changed. We now have new rides like the Mini Ferris Wheel and Rockin’ Tug to entertain toddlers and primary aged children. Include them alongside one of our inflatables, and you can be assured of an excellent package for all events.

Big Rides

Are you looking for a thrill? You’re in luck! At Joylands, we have a wide range of thrill rides including the Space Jam, and Hurricane. You can be sure to satisfy the quest of every kid, teenager, and even adult with these amusements. With the right amount of crowd, you can be sure to get the right amount of excitement to keep everyone happy.

Driving Rides

Everyone loves a driving adventure. You can choose any or combination of the Dodgems Cars and Cars4Kids or even our Auto Racer to guarantee your crowd gets the excitement expected.

Inflatable Rides

We have quality inflatables for your amusement, different sizes, and shapes, from simple castles to multi-activity units. Inflatables are a must-have for every event. Also, there are slides and small castle combos that will fit into any available space such as our Circus Train Obstacle Course. Our inflatables come with attractive colors better than the simple ones used decades ago. We understand that kids like jiggly movement and bright colors with the excitement to play in big soft, bouncy houses. You will be convinced that most kids would love to stay in our inflatables. If you’re hosting a small event, they are your go-to, and they match well with carnival rides at significant events too.

Why Choose Us?

You know when you hire with Joyland Amusements that our equipment will always be backed up with Safework NSW Ride Registrations, ongoing maintenance suitable to each amusement along with insurances to cover the event. Our staff are uniformed and trained for the erection, operation and dismantling of equipment.
We have one of the largest collections of amusement equipment in Sydney. Our sales team will help you bundle and match these rides to your specific event. Regardless of your event choice, we can help you provide a complete package of amusement rides to make your event a memorable one.


Can children be left alone?
No child should be left alone on any equipment. This is a breach of OH&S policy.

What Amusement rides can I partake in if I’m pregnant?
We advise that you shouldn’t participate in rides if you’re pregnant. However, we have plenty of carnival games and slower-paced attractions that are more accommodating.

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