Have You Booked Your Christmas Party Yet?

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Have You Booked Your Christmas Party Yet?

The sun is out, the weather is warming up and that can only mean one thing. Christmas is coming! With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your company’s Christmas party.

Christmas is a time of celebration so your event should be fun, but more importantly, it should give your employees a chance to laugh and unwind. Hosting a carnival or amusement park party is the perfect way to guarantee a successful Christmas event!

If you’re wondering whether you should host a Christmas party this year, the answer is all in the benefits.

Why host a Company Christmas party?

Show appreciation

The most important reason to host a Christmas party for your employees is to show your appreciation. Everyone in the business has put in hard work throughout the year, so it’s essential they know you value their time and effort. Demonstrating your gratitude will also help them appreciate you too!

Team bonding

An annual Christmas party presents the opportunity for some serious (or not so serious) team bonding. Side show games will have everyone laughing and having a good time! Creating memories together will strengthen the relationships between employees and you’ll see the benefits back in the work place. You’ll see more collaboration, more effective communication and better project execution.

Boost morale

Have you ever needed a pick-me-up? Well your employees need them too! An amusement park Christmas party offers the perfect setting to boost morale. Everyone in the company will love reminiscing over their favourite childhood carnival treats like fairy floss, popcorn, and snow cones. Thrilling games like Dodgems will give your employees an event that’ll get them excited to work with you for another year!

Employee motivation

Offering your employees some time for fun and amusement won’t just give them a well-deserved evening off – It’ll also motivate them to work hard in the coming year. The memories they’ll create at your carnival Christmas party will also stay with them for years to come, helping the whole company stay inspired and determined.

It’s FUN!

What’s the best reason of all to throw a Christmas party? It’s fun! Hosting an amusement park party with Joylands helps you create a stress-free event for you and your employees. With tons of carnival games, rides and food, it’s the perfect chance for your employees to relax and unwind.

How to plan a carnival Christmas party today

It’s easy for Christmas to sneak up on us. The business is bustling and there is work to be done, but the holidays will be here before you know it. With many companies booking their parties for the summer months, now is the time to start planning your amusement park party.

Choose your date

The first step in planning your perfect carnival Christmas party is choosing the date. Fridays are popular for company Christmas parties because it will allow employees to share transportation to the party. Alternatively, you can host an all-day affair any day of the week.

Choose your budget

Next – you should decide on your budget. With Joylands you can create a spectacular amusement park big or small! Choose just a few key rides and games or opt for a full-blown Christmas carnival.

Choose your suppliers

After you’ve settled on a date and budget, it’s time to choose your suppliers. Joylands is the perfect choice if you’re looking for stress-free event planning that’s sure to make an impact.

How Joylands can help

Joylands is a family operated business that’s been creating carnivals for over 45 years. With a huge range of food, rides, and games to choose from you can choose exactly what you want for your event.

We also do the hard work for you. From equipment to management and staff you’ll watch your vision come to life without any stress or worry. We have the expertise to set up a Christmas event that’ll have your employees having more fun than you thought possible!

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact Joylands to create a Christmas carnival the whole company will love.