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The School Fete is usually one of the biggest fundraisers of the year and a lot of hard work and effort go into its planning – from the P&F Committee to staff and students.

Joyland Amusements operates hundreds of school fetes throughout the year and it has been part of our core business for over 20 years.


Our main aim is to take the stress out of organising the amusement side. Our profit share schemes are easy and simple to follow.


No question is too hard or too silly – the whole process can be very daunting for the new fete coordinator ! We help you out with the pre selling and provide marketing kits containing advertising hints and posters for the school and surrounding local area to help you out.

How Does it All Work?

An initial phone call to our office will start the process rolling.


Firstly, is your fete date available? School Fetes


Please remember that 70% of school fetes are Spring Fairs and September is the busiest month of the year, It gets booked out very early, say in March / April so if your planning a September fete, the earlier the better – some people book the year before to secure their dates. Limited dates are available as we have set bookings that we do every year.


Joylands offers you 2 ways to have our amusements at your event:


  1. OUT RIGHT HIRE – Pay for the amusements outright which gives you total autonomy on the day. You run it how you like, charge for rides and retain 100% of the money. Joylands delivers and operates your rides.
  2. YOUR RIDES – PRE SOLD TARGET – You retain 20% of ALL money – both pre sold and on day sales. You select your own ride package which gives you control of the type of amusements you hire. Joylands will give you a “pre sold target” based on your tailored package. Please see packages below as examples.
  3. We will set up a free online sales platform for you so you can presell your armbands.   This is a free service.  We will provide you with the link for advertising the presales.   We can provide you with updated sales numbers etc.   We will close off the sales usually the last working day PRIOR to your event at around 1pm.  We will then send you a total sales report and transfer you your 20% into your nominated bank account.

What ride package?

With the help of viewing our website and the photos of our amusements you should be able to come up with a package to suit your school. Of course we can help you with this and can recommend packages based on student capacity and type of school.


What is our commission?


You will receive 20% commission across the board. That means from pre sold vouchers and all on day sales. We ask that a cheque or cash for 80% of the pre sold be handed to our Supervisor on the day of your event, prior to set up. At the end of your event 20% in cash will be handed back to you.


Armband Pricing


Our standard package is a 4 hour armband –  $35 presold and $40 on the day

5 Hours –  $40 presale and $45 on the day
6 Hours –  $45 presale and $50 on the day

For example your ride package might include of:

Primary School Packages

High School Packages

1000+ –  Please contact our office


Disclaimer:    Your choice of package requires your guarantee that you will hit the MINIMUM pre sold number depicted on each package.  i.e.  If you choose Package 3 you will need to be confident that you will sell at least 551 vouchers.


Should you not meet your minimum pre sold requirement Joyland Amusements reserves the right to change your booking to the package below (if available and you have met the minimum requirement) or cancel the booking altogether.

Vouchers are to be taken to our ticket box on the day of your event in exchange for an all ride armband.   Armbands will be sold at the increased amount (please see armband pricing) on the day along with single ride tickets of $6 and $9 each.


At the end of your function Joyland Amusements Hire will donate 20% of all profits back to your Committee. This includes your pre sold vouchers.


Our Manager will contact you the Wednesday prior to your event to enquire on how many pre solds have been sold.


Should you not meet your pre sold requirements, however, we do reserve the right to omit rides to cover costs. A lot of schools do “guarantee” us. This means that even if they fail to sell their required vouchers the School has decided to make up the shortfall to pay us our 80% of the pre sold.


As a thank you for booking with us, Joyland Amusements will donate 2 side show games to your ride package at no cost to you. These are not part of the armband scheme however and are a ‘pay as you play’ game. At the end of your event Joyland Amusements will donate 20% of all takings back to your Committee. Something for nothing !!

Site Inspections

These need to be done by one of our trained Supervisors to make sure there is enough access and ground space for the ride package you have selected. Site Inspections can be booked in from our office and usually take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday. All inspections are carried out once confirmation of your booking has been received.


Please note that rides are transported on semi trailers, flat bed trucks, flat trailers and 4 WDs so things like access, turning capacity and overhanging trees etc are all taken into account.

Should a site inspection fail to accommodate the rides you have selected our supervisor and sales staff will work together to supply you rides of equality that are available.


To add to the authenticity of your carnival why not add in some Popcorn, Fairy Floss or Snow Cones ? Get all 3 in a small canteen or perhaps just one machine. Food is on a cash only basis but at the end of your event Joyland Amusements will donate 20% of all takings back to your Committee. No outlay to you !!

Did you know?

Our team at Joylands attend the annual AALARA (Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association) conference every year.

We work closely within the industry with all organisations such as; The Showmens Guild of Australasia, AALARA  and Australian Amusement Association along with each states regulative authority and many more to provide the safest & friendliest environment possible.

Make Your Next Event Amazing

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