Family Bonding? Joylands Top 3 Attractions To Do Just That!

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Family Bonding? Joylands Top 3 Attractions To Do Just That!

We all know how much kids love the carnival. Think back to when you were a kid, remember how exciting the rides seemed and how much you loved spending the day out with your family?

Treating your family to a day out at the carnival is a way to bond with your kids and have a great day out yourself.

Not sure how you can bond with your kids when they are running around having a great time? Well, we have put together our top 3 carnival rides that will help you and your children bond on your day out.

  1. Side Show Alley Games
    Side Show games are the perfect way to bond with your kids. They are focused on winning the biggest stuffed toy they can possibly get. Most of the time they will need your help to achieve their goal. Coaching and giving advice on what your children need to do to win the prize is a great bonding experience.

    Games like Balloon Bust, Catch a Duck and Laughing Clowns are great activities you will both love! Working on the game together will help strengthen your bond and teach your kids at the same time, some sneaky fun teaching never hurt anyone and with Joylands – the kids will always walk away with something! The look on your child’s face is priceless once they win a prize and something that you both will remember!
  2. Scary Rides
    By scary rides we mean the sky high, 3G forces, or wild rides. While the attractions may not seem scary to your kids, they can be a bit daunting to go on regardless. As long as they are of height to ride, having a parent or guardian accompany them will give your kids the courage to try a bigger ride they might not have normally gone on.  
  3. The Ferris Wheel
    The Ferris Wheel may seem like a strange one but after a long, busy day of having fun, the Ferris Wheel is a great way for the family to come together and re-group. Sitting together and taking in the view is a great way to reflect on the day you have all had.

    For added excitement take your kids on the Ferris Wheel at night where they can enjoy the view and enjoy all the lights of the carnival. You will be able to slow down for a minute and relax as you enjoy the ride. A great way to end your day!

There you have it! Three easy ways you can bond with your children at a carnival or theme park! Taking the time to enjoy these moments will give you memories to cherish for a lifetime! Know any other ways you can bond at a carnival? Let us know your thoughts!

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