Five Easy Ways to Cool Down Quickly at a Carnival

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Five Easy Ways to Cool Down Quickly at a Carnival

Nothing gets in the way of a great day outdoors like the hot sun. Unfortunately, nature knows no man and as usual, its clockwork is on time. The summer months are here and they can be as trying as ever. If you are going to be having fun at a carnival or enjoying summer amusement rides you need to have a plan to help you stay cool.

Some of the most obvious strategies are like ducking inside intermittently for a blast of air conditioning or grabbing shade. However, as you may guess, sometimes that may not be possible? Will you leave the rides midway for a little cool air? To help you, here are five ways you can cool down quickly even as you queue up for Joylands best rides:

The deep freeze

Much has been said about the importance of staying hydrated in summer. Even when you are not feeling thirsty, you should make it a practice to drink water. It is possible to become dehydrated without realising that you are. A good practice is to bring bottled water with you when attending any event or carnival.

Keep water bottles in the freezer overnight. The heat will melt them but the water will remain cold. As a thing to note, always leave a little empty space before you freeze the water. Freezing expands the water and so it will need extra room. Some summer amusement rides have a provision to keep your belongings, including a bottle of water so you will be sorted.

Have a cooling towel

Runners and athletes often have around their necks towels that look strange. You probably never thought about it but it turns out that they are cooling towels and they serve you well on a hot day. If you are planning to go to a carnival, you can pack lightweight towels. Wet them and wring some of the water out and then get on the move. While they are enjoying the Wild Chairs or Flying Fish, your children will thank you for it.

One of the benefits of going this way even with amusement ride hire is that you can also carry some water to re-wet the towel when it begins to dry. It will not matter how hot the water becomes, you will still enjoy the cooling benefits of the towel.

Dress comfortably

The sun respects no man. Always dress with the rest of the day in mind. If you can, wear slacks or other open shoes. Jeans and long-sleeved shirts are a no-no. While at it, note that the looser the clothes, the better able to cool you down they will be. Go for lighter colours because they absorb less sun. You can also wear a hat to keep the sun off your face. You will be grateful you did when you get on the summer amusement rides.

Get wet

You have no better reason to embrace your playful side than the summer. Instead of walking around a puddle, this is the time to dare to walk through. Perhaps not, but there are often misting stations where you can be sprayed with water. This helps you to cool down without being soaked. If you do not mind a little more water, you can go for Super Slides with water or get water friendly amusement ride hire.

Have an appropriate schedule

A simple act like arriving at the carnival early can give you the benefit of quieter rides in a cooler environment. You can then perform other indoor activities or shadier rides/attractions from midday on. You can then get back out when the sun cools to check out the rides you missed.

At the end of the day, you may need to combine many methods. You can have frozen water and still keep a cooling towel. The idea is to pick options that keep you coolest.  If you are organising an event this summer, contact Joylands today to see what products we offer to make your summer event a hit!