How to Raise Money at Your Next Event

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How to Raise Money at Your Next Event

Fundraising is a process that involves gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources by requesting donations from individuals, entities, charitable foundations or governmental agencies. 5K run, bike race, bake-off, local concert, silent auction, BBQ throwdown, fashion show, and more – all of these types of fundraising events are a great way to cultivate support and bring in more donors.

Anyone can be involved in an event fundraiser, helping contribute to a good cause as well as to the community. Fundraising in your local community can present many benefits, including:

  • Building long-lasting relationships – Being involved in a local fundraising event can help you to build more personal and long-lasting relationships with members of your community. This, in turn, can foster a greater sense of community identity and pride.
  • Building strong teamwork skills – Participating in a local fundraising event gives you the opportunity to achieve a shared goal or outcome with a group of individuals, thereby effectively building strong teamwork skills.
  • Learning new skills – Organising or participating in a local fundraising event can help you to learn new skills. For instance, you can learn how to attract individuals to the event or how to promote it;
  • Boosting self-esteem and self-worth – Every individual loves a sense of achievement, especially when it comes to boosting self-esteem and self-worth. Contributing your time and effort to change something for the better can be extremely rewarding.

Event organisers can also benefit a great deal from fundraising, by:

  • Reaching a wider audience and boosting engagement among donors;
  • Receiving the funds to practice what they preach;
  • Raising awareness and acquiring partners;
  • Understanding the community better;

No matter how large or small – each contribution makes a difference

Pulling off a successful fundraising event takes a lot of planning, dedication, and financial support. However, done properly, you can expect a good return on investment.

Here are a few tips on how to raise money at your next event:

  • Set ONE goal and focus on that goal only – Before doing anything else, you must have a specific, attainable goal in mind. When you believe in what you preach, you have the opportunity to motivate others to believe in your mission as well.
  • Choose the right type of event – Hosting a large event is not always the ideal way to rally supporters. Instead, consider hosting a few smaller events that reflect your audience or demographic, brand, mission, and goal. This way, individuals can get to know you, your community of supporters, and your cause.
  • Take budget and fundraising goal into consideration – Every fundraising event should have a complete budget plan, which will include the expenses that will be required to host the event (invitations, space rental, catering, staff, entertainment, unforeseen costs, etc.) Most important, you should take your fundraising goal into consideration, ensuring that it reaches or exceeds your expenses.
  • Tell potential sponsors how they will be featured and promoted at the event – In order to tap into a wide range of potential sponsors, you need to highlight your value so that you can clearly communicate why your cause is something worth contributing to. Talk about how your mission aligns with their goals, and about the size and demographics of the audiences you will reach.
  • Promote, promote, promote! – Social media accounts, email, print, word-of-mouth, crowdfunding – all of these tools can help to promote your cause and raise awareness. Moreover, identify different groups of attendees and sponsors, and encourage them to spread the word. Ensure that they can easily share the event through social media apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, to boost engagement.

After the event, make sure to take the time to thank your supporters and to provide them with any additional information they may need to connect to and support your cause.

Bringing your event to life

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