Ideas and Tips For Your Next School Fete

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Ideas and Tips For Your Next School Fete

Ideas and Tips For Your Next School Fete

Almost all the school heads have their minds set on how to make their school fetes the most interesting and memorable. It can be quite challenging to find the most intriguing ideas and tips for your next school fete, especially if the former was disappointing and not catchy. Well, you have no reason to worry as you are at the fulcrum of getting ideas and tips for your next school fete that will make it exciting and interesting!

Amusement Rides

At the heart of every school fete is the amusement rides. Joylands can cater ride packages to each and every school. Student capacity is important so we can keep the lines to a minimum with a great selection of categorised rides to cater for all age groups! All rides have height restrictions that need to be adhered to for safety purposes but Joylands will find the right balance for your school – from Thrill Rides – Sizzler, Round Up and Dodgem Cars, Age Open – Auto Racer, Fantasy Cups and Super Slide and Children’s dedicated rides – Rockets, Elephants and Mini Ferris Wheel – just to name a few !

Slideshow games

What is a carnival without enjoying the side show games? Joylands offers a variety of slideshow games such as laughing clowns, lucky tickets and catch a duck! The favourite 3 games for schools! Everybody wins a prize on the Ducks and Clowns – time honored favourites and HUGE fun for everyone.

Get locals to sponsor your fete

Kids love showcasing what they have done in school and in this regard, family members and friends will be charmed to see what their kid can do. Family members, in excitement, will consume other products offered at the school fete such as amusement rides.

Also, the local music producers will have an opportunity to flaunt their skills at the fete to create a market for their services. They will too consume the products offered therein.

Coffee cart

After a long day of celebrations and cheering loved ones, one may need a refreshing drink to soften their throat. There is always a drink for everyone from the Joylands’ coffee cart which includes hot chocolate, hot caffeinated drinks, and tea.

Food Canteen

Hmmmmm can you smell the popcorn?? What’s a carnival without the great food to go with it?   Snow cones are a great way to cool down after running around the event! Fairy Floss! Yessss it goes hand in hand. Treat yourself – it’s a special day and it adds all to the atmosphere.

Ride tickets

Sell the ride tickets prior to the fete day at a discounted price. This will attract several ticket buyers and also, this will create awareness to the community of an oncoming event. Buying of tickets early enough will ensure that, regardless of unfavorable weather conditions, people will show up for the event.  People turning up for the event means more cash to be. On the actual day, ride tickets will be offered at a higher rate.


Marketing is very crucial for the success of any given fete. Weeks to the fete day, local prints can make banners which are then positioned at different positions of the town and local shops. Posters can be displayed at local shops windows so that everyone who passes by will have a chance to see that there is an upcoming school fete.  Parents can also be asked to share the event day on their social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. More marketing means more community awareness, and this will make individuals turn up in large numbers.

Let Joylands Host Your Next School Fete

Your wildest expectations for the best school fete possible will be ultimately fulfilled with Joylands.  We will work with you to get the best ride package available for your event – the carnival being the epicenter of the success of any school fete. Contact us today!