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Plan a Corporate Event with Joylands

Corporate events can be a fun and engaging way to bring employees together, encouraging collaboration and teamwork, all the while boosting team spirit. Yet, believe it or not, these events can often be the first item cut from a company’s budget in an attempt to save money.

What a lot of individuals do not realise is the benefits that they offer – boosting employee morale, strengthening communication, promoting creativity, as well as improving business performance. Just as companies invest in marketing and recruitment, investing in corporate events can yield positive results.

So, if you are looking to plan a corporate event but you are uncertain about what to do for the entertainment bit, we can help! At Joylands, we have the equipment, the staff, the management, and the experience to throw a great event that will get your employees out of their desks, chatting and having fun!

Fusing fun and work

It is very important to create the right kind of experience for individuals who are key to your business. Having said that, here are a few tips to consider if you want to get the most from your next corporate event:

  • Identify team building activities that will suit the style of the event you are hosting – Findings show that team building activities have positive effects not only on teamwork but on improvement in individuals’ overall personality. They have the ability to help employees come out of their comfort zones and take their teamwork to a whole new level.

Whether you are looking for rides, inflatable jumping castles, amusements – there is a big catalogue to browse through. You need to identify which team building activities will suit the style of the event you are hosting and its chosen venue.

  • Choose the proper venue – There are numerous venues to choose from when it comes to outdoor and indoor spaces suitable for inflatable games and rides. Depending on space and power requirements, you can narrow your choice and choose the proper venue for what you have planned.
  • Take into account the ability and agility of the attendees – While some individuals love the idea of water play and rock-climbing walls, others may be reluctant to get involved in such active physical activities. For those less inclined to exert themselves, arcade games and amusement rides may be a great alternative. After all, participation is key!
  • Make sure that there is plenty of food and water to go around – Individuals often get the munchies after a day packed with fun and laughter – especially if it involves hands-on activities. In order to keep attendees satisfied all day, you need to make sure that there is plenty of food and water to go around.
  • Hire a professional – Installing and operating mechanical rides is not something that can be left to amateurs. You need to hire a professional company that has the appropriate licenses to operate corporate amusement ride hire. This is where we come in!

As one of Australia’s largest outdoor amusement companies, Joylands can make your next corporate event the carnival that everyone loves! An entire carnival theme including rides, sideshow alley games, food vans, and more – all of which can be adapted to suit your needs and space. Whether it be at your workplace or some other venue, we can even arrange site inspections to determine what type of corporate attractions hire will be best suited.

‘Happy employees make productive employees’

It is no secret that employees are the heart of a company. By investing in corporate events, you provide them with the opportunity to enhance their roles and strengthen collegial connections. Such events also allow the brain to ‘recharge’ in terms of positive energy, motivation, creativity, and overall productivity.

That being said, be it a corporate carnival event or a corporate social event, you can count on Joylands to help you pick the best rides or team building activities for your next event. We aim to help support your organisational goals while creating an event that will leave a lasting impression and lead to a more open and collaborative culture.

Contact Joylands to plan your next corporate event and see what Corporate Hire Rides and Attractions we can help you with.