Planning an Event – How to Pick the Date

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Planning an Event – How to Pick the Date

When it comes to planning an event, picking the date is more than the availability of the venue you are considering.  It is even more than the availability of the amusement rides you hope to hire. For starters, the wrongly underestimated date can cause you to rush through your planning and brand your event a failure.  A perfect date will complement your PR and marketing efforts.

Picking the right date ought to result from strategic thinking and proper research. You do not just open your calendar and pick wherever your eyes land. With that in mind, here are four things to consider when picking the date for your event:

The season

If you are hosting a snow/winter wonderland themed event, it is obvious that you will want to do the event during the winter. However, seasonality goes beyond looking at the weather. You need to consider other factors including the school calendar, the holidays, sports schedules and niche seasonality. For example, if you hope to have amusement rides in Sydney, when would be the best time for the event? Note that the decision here will also depend on the type of event that you hope to be hosting but the season will narrow down the dates for you.

The competition

Say you are planning a business event. What are your competitors in the industry doing? Researching to find out can help you to remove dates when your competitors will be lobbying for the attention of your attendees. Look at the community in your area and note the events that share your target audience. Consider their size, location, past attendance and the overlap of the audience. You do not want to force your audience to choose between two events – you will be lowering your overall attendance even if you go the extra mile and get amusement rides.

The significant dates

Your event could benefit if you align the date with things that matter to your audience. For example, is there an international celebration day that your audience values? What about awareness months which align with the purpose of your event? Anniversaries can also be excellent marketing opportunities for your event. If your event is part of a larger topic, it makes sense to align it with the bigger topic.

The prime days of the week

When looking at the specific days of the week to host your event, consider the days when your audience is likely to attend. For example, business-related events do well between Wednesday and Friday. However, you want to be careful not to interrupt the work week. Events that are social or consumer targeted work better with the weekends. While considering this, put in mind the routines of your typical audience. You want to pick a time the audience and amusement ride provider can be available.

How Joylands Can Help

Joylands is one of the finest amusement companies in Sydney. The company aims to provide quality entertainment for everyone. If you are planning an event, we can help you to pick the kinds of amusement rides in Sydney that would be fitting for your event. At Joylands you are able to pick ride packages that are unlimited. If you opt to go that way, we can supply you with carnival food and show games for your event.

In working with Joylands, you get an excellent way to increase the individual spend in your event. Whether you are planning a team building day, a council run event or you want something with long term amusement rides, there is room for you. All you need to do is to contact the team at Joylands today to see how we can help you plan the perfect event!