Battle Toyale

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Battle Toyale is a totally digital, unique, one of a kind, nothing like it in the world, take on a “Pool Game” where between 2 – 20 players can compete against each other in 1 of 3 different, rotating video games, to be the “Last player standing” and to win a large stuffed toy.


How do we know Battle Toyale is one of a kind? Because we are the inventors, designers, and builders of this amazing new game!


The main body of Battle Toyale is a huge LED Video Wall standing at a massive 12m x 3m in size! where the games are displayed and competed on. There is a further 12.5m x 1.5m LED Video Wall signage on the top. Both of these LED Video Walls make this game look spectacular and attract a crowd.


Battle Toyale brings the popularity of video games to the sideshow, it appeals to kids and adults alike, as all ages enjoy playing video games.


Speciality, Side Show Games

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