Take Your Event to the Next Level with Joylands Food and Side Show Games

Hire one amusement attraction to a whole carnival experience – there is no event too big or small

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Take Your Event to the Next Level with Joylands Food and Side Show Games

Planning a large scale event can be a difficult task. Knowing what you need to ensure a successful event can be stressful.  With the help of Joyland Amusement, however, you can guarantee a fun-filled day for all of your guests. Thrill rides, kids rides and nostalgic rides are a sure fire way to get everyone smiling and laughing.

Did you know that you can add sideshow games and carnival food into the mix to really add to the experience for your guests?

Here are four reasons why this is a good idea for any kind of event that you are hosting:

Sideshow games give guests a break from rides

Amusement rides are exciting, but it is not all the time that one wants the excitement. People wanting a less demanding way to have fun can do so with carnival games. As long as you organise for there to be a proper mix of games that rely on natural talent and those that rely on luck, you can trust your guests will have a good time.

Diversity adds excitement to the day

Help break the day up for your guests with a good mix of rides, games, food and drink. You will be surprised how many people will go crazy trying to win a stuffed toy with our sideshow games or indulging in their favourite carnival food.

There is something for everyone

Carnival food – a huge variety to choose from; almost as many as the sideshow game ideas. Whether it is a child who came along with a parent or a young person in their first networking event, there is bound to be something for everyone.

How Joylands can help

The team at Joylands can help shoulder some of the stress that comes with planning a large event. We can help you put together a good array of rides, games and food that your guests will love.

With our services, you get a one-stop shop. What is more, Joylands puts safety first so if you are looking for amusement rides for hire, carnival food, and sideshow game ideas,  contact Joylands today to learn more about our rides and extras available for hire.