Top 5 Jumping Castles from Joylands

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Top 5 Jumping Castles from Joylands

Jumping Castles make wonderful additions to any special event or day. Joyland’s offers Jumping Castles as an add on to other ride hires. Our jumping castles are whimsical and are of excellent quality and reliability. Joyland’s Jumping Castles will brighten the faces of kids as they jump their hearts out.

5 Top Jumping Castles from Joylands 

  • Frozen Castle
    See if you can find Elsa or Anna in Joyland’s Frozen Castle. This jumping castle invites the kids into their story as they jump around.
  • Ben 10 Castle Combo
    Allow kids to dabble on the wild side in Joyland’s Ben 10 Combo Castle. This jumping castle is by far a favourite amongst clients as it is highly requested for larger events. Ben 10 combo has splendid artwork that the kids will love.
  • Looney Tunes Castle
    Experience a nostalgic theme from your past as kids learn what ‘What’s up Doc?’ truly means. The Looney Tunes castle is nicely sized with lavish artwork that stimulates the imaginations of kids. The Jumping Castle allows all guests to revisit Bugs Bunny as the friend they always remember, no matter how much time passes. This Jumping Castle is ideal for team building events, corporate events, and school fetes.
  • Circus Train Obstacle Course
    The Circus Train Obstacle is an ultimate Jumping Castle to master. The jumping castle is made for children 12 years old and younger. Hopping on this jumping castle allows kids to see bright colours and animals that are only found in real circuses. The Circus Train Obstacle course can take up to 6 children at a time as it is measured at 17.5m long, 2.5m wide, and 3.8m high.
  • Happy Clown Combo
    The Joyland’s Happy Clown Combo stands as a family favourite that keeps parties and events in good standing. The Happy Clown Combo is made with an internal slide, which lets kids dive into deeper parts of their imagination. Children enjoy goofy, lighthearted artwork while jumping and playing to their heart’s content.  This Jumping Castle is great to add on to school fetes, parties, and sporting days.

How Joyland’s Can Help Make Your Next Event a Success

Joyland’s supplies an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere

When attending events, it is easy for the atmosphere or energy to decline after a certain period. An example of this occurring is after guests have eaten, the enthusiasm of being at the event declines as guests with full bellies are ready to leave. Joyland’s will help in maintaining an upbeat atmosphere throughout the event by providing continuous entertainment that will consistently stir the interests of guests.

It helps guests stay at events longer
If your event depends on guests staying until the end to be an utmost success, then you will need subtle incentives that encourage them to stay. Joyland’s provide copious amounts of amusements that will pique interests throughout an event. Moreover, Joylands attends to entertaining all age groups. Guests with children often use their kids as excuses to leave events early. If kids are having fun, then parents will be inclined to stay longer.

Joyland jumping castle hire specification

Please note that Joyland only offers jumping castles as an add on option, which supplements orders comprised of other rides for hire. For example, if a carnival or fair of sorts is seeking Ferris Wheels, food stands, prize games, and thrill rides, Joyland’s may offer jumping castles to go with the initial order being placed. Contact us today to learn more!