Why Sun Care Is So Important When You Are At A Carnival

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Why Sun Care Is So Important When You Are At A Carnival

Carnivals, fetes and team building events are fun days out, however, whilst you are enjoying the rides and the good weather it is important to stay safe in the sunshine. The sun causes a variety of issues and illnesses so protect yourself so you can fully enjoy the day. We want every visitor to not only enjoy our amusement rides, but to stay healthy, so we have put together some important things we’d like you to know.

Why Sun Care is Important at an event

When you are having fun at one of our events it is easy to forget that you have been out in the sun for hours. It is so important to protect yourself while you are outside so you can avoid sun damage and other issues that come with it.

The sun gives off ultraviolet or UV rays. These rays can cause sunburn, premature ageing, eye damage and very serious conditions like skin cancer. By taking preventative steps you can protect yourself from the harmful rays.

How to Stay Sun Smart

We want everyone to enjoy our rides so have put together some tips to help you stay sun safe during your visit. You should:

Keep Hydrated – When waiting in line and walking around the rides it is important to keep hydrated. When the sun is out you are at risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. A way to avoid this is by keeping as cool as possible and drinking water frequently. Water is the best option as sugary drinks and alcohol aren’t as hydrating.

Apply Sunscreen –  Walking around the amusements in the sun without protection will put you at a very high risk of sunburn. Sunburn often isn’t taken too seriously but it can become serious if you get very burnt. Make sure you apply sunscreen +30 or higher and reapply if you are sweating or if you get wet. You should also apply sunscreen on cloudy days because the UV rays can still cause damage if you are outside for a long time. Apply sunscreen about 20 minutes before you go outside and try to re-apply every couple of hours. Waterproof and sweat proof sunscreen should also be considered, but don’t forget to re-apply!

Keep Protected – There are other ways you can protect yourself from the hot sun. You can take time out of the sun and find a shaded spot. Also, consider what clothing you are wearing. You should wear sunglasses, a hat and light clothing. Any skin that you can see is exposed to the sun’s UV rays so try to cover as much of your skin as you can with loose clothing. T-shirts are a great choice instead of thin strappy tops. The best hats to choose are ones that shade your face, head, neck and ears. Wide brimmed hats are recommended. Caps are not the best choice as they do not provide enough protection, but these are better than none.

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