Customised Hire

Hire one amusement attraction to a whole carnival experience – there is no event too big or small

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Joyland Amusements aims to provide everyone with high quality family entertainment.

Let Joylands organise your entire event !  From roaming entertainers, food, side show games and stalls to all your ride requirements.


From initial meeting and site inspections through to operation, logistics
and completion of your event.


Joylands offers the following ways to make a success of your next event.


  1. OUT RIGHT HIRE – Pay for the amusements outright which gives you
    total autonomy on the day. You run it how you like, charge for rides and
    retain 100% of the money.  Joylands delivers and operates your rides. This option gives you complete autonomy over what you have at your event. Hire whatever you like, your choice of rides, games, entertainers, food etc.
  2. YOUR RIDES – PRE SOLD TARGET – You retain 20% of ALL money – both
    pre sold and on day sales. You select your own ride package which gives you
    control of the type of amusements you hire. Joylands will give you a “pre
    sold target” based on your tailored package. Please see packages below as
  3. JOYLANDS PACKAGE – We will come to your event with the set rides set
    in the Joylands package. The rides in this package cannot be changed.
    Joylands will operate and sell tickets on the day. At the end of the event
    we will donate 15% of takings from your event.

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Did you know?

Our staff all meet strict dress & grooming standards which has been developed by our company.

The standard comprises of the following policies; Uniform, Grooming & presentation, Punctuality, Training and Public Relations.  All operators & attendants are subject to regular performance reviews & ongoing training.  Each operations team consist of;  Logistics Manager, Operations Manager, Health & Safety Officer, Duty Supervisor, Accredited Ride Operators and Competent Attendants.

Make Your Next Event Amazing

Fun, Adventure, Food & Laughter. Let Joylands bring your event to life with the awesome equipment and experienced carnival management.
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